By: Joshua Camara

Cam Newton on the Goal line attempting to run for the touchdown to win the game.” (Randy Oliver, Daily Snark)

The call of the game. Game on the line. No difference in package, no trickery, the Patriots had run the exact same run play with Newton on the goal line.

Although, the Patriots had thrown the ball for 397 passing yards during the game, the Patriots were also successful running the ball with Newton. Newton had 11 carries for 47 yards this game, and two rushing touchdowns. Newton had also led the Patriots in rushing yards this game.

There is clearly an ounce of success when Newton is rushing the ball. Newton’s first 2 games he had already rushed for 4 rushing touchdowns. But the question is how often have they ran the ball and how different does it look?

Newton’s second rushing touchdown vs Seattle”. (Pats.365 via Youtube)
“Newton Denied on the goa line to end the game.” (Amplify Shotz via Youtube)

EXACT SAME PACKAGE, EXACT SAME SIDE AND EXACT SAME everything. My issue is not with Newton running the ball. My issue is that the two plays were spitting images of one another. With the game on the line, you have got to change something up. Yes, the Patriots had success with the exact same play already, but Seattle had completely sniffed this one out.

This play call had to be the most controversial moment of Week 2 within the NFL. I just can’t help but to look at this situation and think of bad play calling.