By: Joshua Camara

During the 4th quarter, Tua Tagovailoa was benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Dolphins were down 20–10. Tua had replaced Fitzpatrick after the Dolphins had started their hot streak.

The decision to bench Tua came from Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores. Flores had decided to name Tua…

By:Joshua Camara

The Los Angeles Chargers have now lost 5 games by less than a touchdown this season. The Chargers marched down the field to try and create a heroic moment with only a second left on the clock. Instead, Herberts pass to Parham Jr, was ruled incomplete and the…

By: Joshua Camara

Tyler Boyd is an emerging Wide Reciever for the Cinncinatti Bengals. Boyd finished his last two seasons over well over 1,000 yards recieving. With the injuries to Tyler Eifert and AJ Green, Boyd took the number one role as an offensive weapon.

Boyd is off to a…

By: Joshua Camara

The call of the game. Game on the line. No difference in package, no trickery, the Patriots had run the exact same run play with Newton on the goal line.

Although, the Patriots had thrown the ball for 397 passing yards during the game, the Patriots were…

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